Office of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research

One of the overriding priorities of KIMEP University is provision of internationally recognized education services. High rating of education programs of KIMEP University was repeatedly confirmed at national and international levels – ‘National and International Ranking of KIMEP University’.

Office of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research deals with development of the internal system for assuring the quality of activity by developing practices of evaluation and internal reviews of KIMEP University.

QAIR aims to ensure regular quality monitoring of academic activity and educational milieu, effective feedback from faculty, students, staff, alumni, employers and other stakeholders for revealing aspects that require further enhancement.

QAIR’s primary areas:

  • conducting regular surveys among students, faculty, staff, alumni and their employers;
  • providing KIMEP University’s top management with analytical data on academic activity and educational milieu;
  • providing external organizations: state authorities, partner HEIs, agencies for ranking of HEIs, national and international accreditation agencies etc. with information on activity of KIMEP University;
  • developing cooperation with local and international partners for the purpose of experience exchange and general strategies determination for development of academic quality.

QAIR began its activity in the area of institutional research and assessment in January 2005 from studying the international experience. In spring 2005 the first student satisfaction and alumni surveys were conducted and the regular teaching evaluation survey was introduced being accompanied with detailed reports to KIMEP University’s top management and academic community. From AY 2005-06 elaboration and implementation of KIMEP University’s faculty and staff satisfaction surveys has begun.

QAIR regularly analyzes evaluations and feedbacks from:

  • students on academic activity efficiency with regard to all courses studied (Faculty Teaching Evaluation Survey) and servicing level of support units (Student satisfaction Survey);
  • faculty members on working conditions, possibilities for professional development and quality of management of KIMEP (Faculty Satisfaction Survey);
  • graduates on quality of knowledge and skills gained, satisfaction with academic and support services (Graduating Student Exit Survey);
  • alumni on quality of their professional qualifications and employment conditions (KIMEP Alumni Survey);
  • employers on quality of academic training and professional skills of alumni (Survey of KIMEP University Alumni Employers’).

In addition to the above QAIR conducts focus groups, as well as number of specialized surveys upon requests including prospective students, first-year students, students’ parents and other stakeholder surveys.

QAIR actively cooperates with the Bologna Process and Academic Mobility Center of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of RK and the Independent Quality Assurance Agency of Kazakhstan, regularly submitting KIMEP University’s information to national HEIs ratings undertaken by these agencies on annual basis.

It also participates in seminars and conferences related to development of academic quality and ranking held by KIMEP, the MES and rating agencies.


Nurilya Shakhanova
Director, Doctor of Science
Fulbright alumna
Office 407/ Dostyk building
Tel.: 270-44-86, ext. 2362
E-mail: n.shakhanova@kimep.kz
Valeriya Krasnikova
Coordinator, MSc
Office 404a/Dostyk building
Tel.: 270-44-40, ext. 2031
E-mail: valery@kimep.kz

Nuriya Katzhanova
Monitoring Officer, MBA
Office 404a/Dostyk building
Tel.: 270-44-40, ext. 2293
E-mail: nuriya@kimep.kz
Aisha Akhmetbayeva
Scientific Officer, MBA, MLLM
Tel.: 270-44-40, ext. 2142
Office 407/Dostyk building
E-mail: a.akhmetbayeva@kimep.kz