Student Affairs

About Student Affairs

The support of students towards achieving their educational goals is the focus of the Office of Student Affairs. The office provides an environment that fosters the intellectual and personal development of students, consistent with KIMEP University’s mission. The Office of Student Affairs reinforces and extends KIMEP University’s influence beyond the classroom. Its services include student support services such as Student Life, Academic support, Recreation and Sports, Student Housing, and Student Health. Student Affairs staff work with faculty, administrators and KIMEP U Student Association to create a safe and welcoming community and to support the personal, professional, social, and spiritual growth of the University’s students.

Tel.: + 7 727 237 47 91
Fax: + 7 727 237 47 80
E-mail: fariza@kimep.kz; sakimep@gmail.com

Help Desk for Students and Parents

“Student Help Desk” is located at the Office of Student Affairs room number 112 and 111 (Residence Hall basement floor). Students and parents can approach this office during working hours with their concerns, problems, worries, and suggestions.

The Procedure
a. Current students as well as their parents can use the service.
b. The ‘Help Desk’ assists students in resolving academic, extracurricular, personal and any other problems.
c. Students and their parents can submit a suggestion or a concern in writing or express it orally.
d. The ‘Help Desk’ deals only with issues and concerns related to the services and facilities at KIMEP U.
e. We would need credible evidence from you about a violation/mistake/harassment on the part of KIMEP.
f. Confidentiality is guaranteed for sensitive issues.

The Process
Once a written concern is lodged with the ‘Help Desk’, the Associate Director of SA will check the paperwork only, and then it will be sent to the concerned person, unit or a department for their comments or with a request for an appropriate action.

The SA will keep students informed about the status on their complaints.

Military training Opportunities

According to the state rules, all KIMEP University undergraduate students have the right to postpone their military services during their studies at the university.

KIMEP University directs the first and second year bachelor students – residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to the military training classes. KIMEP University does not provide military training classes for master students.

According to the agreements of KIMEP University and Narxoz University the military training classes are conducted in the following military major programs:
– Finance and Economics of the Battle and Domestic Activities
– Organization of the Ware Maintenance
– Organization of the Food Security and Maintenance
– Organization of legal work
– Provision of fuel and lubricants

The duration of military training program is 2 years, including military practice. If a student meets the requirements and successfully completes the program, he/she will be awarded the military rank of «officer» relevant to his/her military major.

Office of Student Affairs inform about military training opportunities at the beginning of the Spring semester. All interested candidates should submit the following documents to Host University by the deadline:

  • an application with indicated military specialization
  • an original and a copy of state ID or passport
  • an original and a copy of pre-military or military certificate
  • a temporary residence permit for non-residents of Almaty
  • photo 3*4-2 pieces
  • Spravka from KIMEP University
  • Spravka on the absence of criminal record from Citizen Service Centre (ЦОН)
  • Any other diplomas, certificates, etc

Application submission period for Narxoz University is from March 1 till May 20, 2019. For more information visit the website of Narxoz Univeristy.

For more detailed information please contact: Office of Student Affairs;
email: fariza@kimep.kz ; telephone: 8 727 237 47 91 /1016/1083/1042

Events of Spring 2019 semester

January, 2019
– Welcome Party by BIS (January 18)
– Cinema Verite by KIMEP Cinema (January 30)

February, 2019
– KIMEP Pie Awards (Beginning of February)
– Poetry Nights by KIMEP Times (February 14)
– Best room by KIMEP Residence Hall (February 15)
– Football tournament by KIMEP Football (February 23- April 14)
– Top Model 2019 by KIMEP Fashion Industry (February 23-April 12)

March, 2019
– Women’s Day by Human Resources department (March 1)
– Что? Где? Когда? By Residence Hall (March 2)
– Poetry Nights by KIMEP Times (March 20)
– Pre-EUDC Tournament: KIMEP Cup by IDC KIMEP (March 23-24)
– Delloite Case by KAFC (March 27)

April, 2019
– Annual Art and Photography Exhibition by Art Revolution (First part of April)
–KIMEP Business Case competition (the middle of April)
– Trip to Nature by Residence Hall (April 13)
– Grand Final by KFI (April 12)
– Mars Business Game by KAFC (April 13)
– Nauryz and Family Day by Student Affairs (April 20)
– International EXPO by BIS (April 20)
– Open Air Concert by KADA (April 20)
– Robin Hood by KELT (April 26-28)
– Sport Day by Residence Hall (April 26)
– STARS ON ICE by KASD (27 April)
– Farewell Ceremony by BIS (April 30)
– Dota-2: KIMEP CUP by Generation of Cyber Sportsmen (in the end of April)
–The Smartest guy in the room by KAFC (in the end of April)
–Golden Middle by KIMEP PIE (in the end of April)
– Poetry Nights by KIMEP Times (TBA)

May, 2019
– Graduation Open Air party (May 18)

Spring events
– KIMEP PIE Mag, issue #21 by KIMEP PIE (TBA)
– Cinema Club by KIMEP Geeks (TBA)
– Republican Chess tournament by KIMEP Chess Team (TBA)